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Genna's Biography

   Genna is, as they say,Born to Entertain.” As the story goes, she was singing before she could talk, dancing before she could walk and acting along with her favourite movies since age 3. With her family’s support, she was fortunate enough to follow her dreams, and do what she loves every day.

   Genna graduated from the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts, located in Toronto, Ontario, in 2011. Since then, she has been working as a professional Singer/Actor/Dancer (Triple Threat) with various performance credits, both leading and supporting, all-over North America. Some of her recent credits and accomplishments include the roles of Belle in Beauty and the Beast and Janet in The Rocky Horror Show, winning ‘Female Singer of the Year’ at IMTA New York, and filming her first on-screen speaking role in the feature film, Thank you for Bombing, which had it's world premiere at TIFF 2015. She recently filmed her first television role on Murdoch Mysteries. 

   Over the years, she also worked as a model and was co-Artistic Associate of neXt Company Theatre.  Genna enjoys partnering with her fellow Performing Artists'; producing and creating entertainment of all kinds from cabarets, event entertainment, concerts and full-length musicals. She hopes to one day open her own unique venue/performance space . She is always looking for new performance opportunities, venues, and professionals to create and perform with. If you are interested in working with her, please do not hesitate to contact Genna

   Along with her own personal goals in the industry, she wants to continue giving back for the gifts and opportunities given in her own career, by teaching. Teaching, inspiring children, youth, adults and professionals is something she cherishes and always wants as a part of her life. Along with performing, it is her way of giving back for the gifts and opportunites in her life. 

Genna has been teaching for just over 10 years beginning at The Ottawa Vocal and Dance Performance Academy in Ottawa, ON where she created and taught their Musical Theatre program for 3 years before making the move to Toronto. 

In 2013, she ventured to Amman, Jordan for the opportunity to help create and start the Performing Arts program with the Modern Montessori School and Stardust Academy. While teaching, Genna had the opportunity to work on films, perform for Royalty, and continuing her directorial work in Stardust Academy’s Spring production of Seussical Jr. She feels so strongly about the Arts in schools and is proud to have aided in this new venture in the Middle East. 

Since her return, the adventures are only beginning. Genna is currently teaching with The Travelling Stage in various schools and with their partner, Mirvish Productions. She has also has created various children's musical programming in the Toronto area and still teaches voice from home and with various schools. For more information on lessons, coaching or workshops, please contact Genna

Her newest venture with Switchboard Sessions at  TA2 Studios in Toronto, Ontario, has her teaching vocal training and coaching partnered with friend and fellow Industry Professional, Christian Potenza to eager Voice Actors  and Professionals of all kinds. For more information on this Voice Acting program packed with many Industry professional Guest Teachers, please contact Genna.


Please stay tuned, as the adventures continue. Let’s get this show on the road!


                                                                                                                                                            Thank you for your support,

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