Genna Giampaolo

Singer/Actor/Dancer                                                                           Height: 5’8”

Eyes: Blue                                                                                                 Hair: Auburn

Vocal Range: Soprano w/ Belt, E3 to Eb6                            Location: Toronto, ON
Trilingual: English, French, Italian                                                   Willing to Travel


Film/New Media

Murdoch Mysteries                    Under 5                           Don McCutcheon - Shaftesbury Films                      

Thank You For Bombing            Principal                      Barbara Eder – Lotus Film
Fringe Creation Lab Promo       Principal                      
Claire Wynveen – Videographer: K. Zouak 


Selected Theater

The Secret Garden                  Rose Lennox                                   Bryant Productions

Wonderful Life: Radio Play.   Sally Applewhite / Mary Hatch        Lower Ossington Theatre

Hunchback of Notre Dame    Lead Gargoyle/Ensemble                  Wavestage Theatre Co.

Beauty and the Beast     Belle                                          Wavestage Theatre Co.

Meet Me in St Louis            Mrs. Anna Smith                            Confidential Musical Theatre

Dazzle                                    2 Features/Ensemble                    Women of MT Festival

Broadway Divas                   2 Features/Ensemble                    Women of MT Festival

Sweet Charity                       Ensemble                                         Toronto Fringe (CMT)

A CANADIAN CABARET-EH    Lead Vocalist                                               CRIMESTOPPERS GALA 2016/17

Titanic                                   Caroline Neville                              Confidential Musical Theatre

NINE                                     Guido’s Mother                               Annex Theatre

The Rocky Horror Show     Janet Weiss                                    Sullivan Mahoney Theatre

Special Skills

Piano, Accents & Dialect Work

Languages (Spoken and Sung):

English, French, Italian, Spanish

Awards and Acknowledgements

Female Singer of the Year - IMTA New York 2012

1st Runner Up: Screen Test -  IMTA New York 2012


Honourable Mention: Female Actor of the Year, 

Cold Read, Commercial, Entertainment Host 

- IMTA New York 2012

List Available Upon Request

Vocal Performances
Training & Workshops

Graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts (RAPA)- Triple Threat Program of 2011


Acting:  On Camera/Film: Dylan Roberts, Steven McCarthy, Kimwun Perehinec, Bruce Bissonette

               Scene Study: Rosanna Saracino, Darlene Spencer, Peter Van Wart, Alexis Butler, M.John Kennedy

               Voice & Text: Rosanna Saracino, Michael Armstrong, Denise Norman

               Shakespeare: Bruce Pitkin, Peter Van Wart                      Improv: Darlene Spencer

               Stage Combat: Todd Campbell, Casey Hudecki               Feldenkrais Method: Susan Free

               Laban Movement: Melinda Little                                       Audition Coaching: Barbara Worthy

              Voice Acting: Christian Potenza, David Stinson, David Whalen, Justin McWilliams (Switchboard Sessions)


Musical Theatre Performance: Bob Longo, Deborah Tennant, Jeffrey Huard, Mark Wilson, Adam Brazier,                                                                                     Donna Garner, Rosanna Saracino


Vocal:    Private: Jeannie Wyse,  Jeffrey Huard, Deborah Tenant, Yoriko Tanno, Jose Hernandez, Rob Clarot

                Chorus: Jacqueline Sadler, Lily Ling, Adam White

                Coaching: Gail Hakala, John Hughes, Lona Davis, David Warrack, Bruce Harvey, Mark Wilson


Dance:  Jazz                            Heather Leslie, Derek Sangster, Simone Batt

               Ballet                          Sandra Long, Amy Blake Hoffman, Candice Helm

               Tap                              Stephanie Ramphos, Natasha Gibson, Tami-Lynn Caloia

               Ballroom & Latin    Josee Lepine



                  "Musical Theatre Audition Masterclass", Diane Louie and David Connolly

                      "Cabaret Performance" and "Musical Theatre Performance", Andrew Panton

                      "Musical Theatre Industry", Gavin Creel

                       “Building a Better Monologue”, Amanda Moresco

                       “Seminar for Singers”, Michael Jay, Stevi Meredith, Barbara Epstein, Pamela O’Land

                       “The Do’s and Don’ts of Auditioning...”, Bobby Moresco, Al Onorato

                       “The Business of Show Business”, Tom Logan

                       “The Keys to Winning Auditions”, Joan Stephens, Dave McKeown, Cameron Ocasio, Badiene                                                        Magaziner, Janine Cery, Michelle Kilic, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Susan Loughran, Joan D’Incecco